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Krav Maga Website - Modern Self Defense
Krav Maga Website Krav Maga Eyal Yanilov Imrich Lichtenfeld Imi Sde OR
The name Krav Maga is derived from two ancient Hebrew words krav translated as "combat" and maga translated as "contact" to form the combination "contact combat". Krav Maga was developed in Israel under realistic demands and conditions. Founder and formed by Imrich Lichtenfeld and continues to advance and be modified by Eyal Yanilov assisted by the top instructors of International Krav Maga Federation IKMF . Originated by Imrich Lichtenfeld the system founder and chief hand to hand combat instructor for the Israeli Defence Forces Krav Maga is truly battle tested and is continually evolving based on the collective experiences of military and law enforcement personnel and cvilians around the world. Krav Maga is a horizontal system with a unique and logical approach. It is easy to learn and retail. The defens needs in the eras that the classic martial arts were developed were different than those oftoday. Classes are open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Krav Maga contains special approaches tactics techniques subjekt drills and training methods for the different sector Civilians Law-enforcement and Military. Krav Maga levels is divided into 4 section; Practitioner Levels Graduate Levels Expert Levels and Master Levels. Since the Krav Maga by definition id for self defense it does have not any constitution and judicial rules and therefore there are no contests and exhibicion. The training is for practikal usage in theevery day reality.
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